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BURN up to 1000 calories/hour!  TONE & TIGHTEN!  Fun, Fast & EFFECTIVE!
Your Spinning® Home System includes: Spinner® PACE Bike, 6 Workout DVDs, Water Bottle, 8-Week Weight Loss Program & Meal Plan, Guide to Ride Handbook & More!
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Spinner® PACE Bike Features

The Spinner pace bike has eight amazing features!
  • 1. Adjustable Cushioned Seat - The extra wide 8" padded seat on your Spinner® PACE bike was carefully designed for maximum comfort. Adjust your seat up or down and forward or backward, for the ultimate ride.
  • 2. Water Bottle Cage - All this work is going to make you thirsty. Your bike has a bottle cage that conveniently holds any standard sized water bottle.
  • 3. Variable Resistance - Whether you're working out with one of your Spinning® DVDs led by a Spinning® Master Instructor or setting your own pace, you can make it your ride with a range of resistance settings. Reduce resistance and pick up the cadence, or really crank it up for a calorie-burning hill climb—it's up to you.
  • 4. Multi-Position Adjustable Handlebars - The multi-position handlebars on your Spinner® PACE bike allow you to easily adjust the height for a correct and comfortable ride. They also support various hand positions whether you are in the saddle or out, and on hills or flat roads. That's the kind of workout flexibility that'll keep you moving.
  • 5. Pedal Cages - How and where your foot interacts with the pedal is crucial for maximizing muscle use and calorie burning. The straps on your Spinner® bike form a snug cage and hold your foot in just the right place giving you the ability to use more power and utilize energy efficiently.
  • 6. Durable Construction - As the leader in quality construction and commercial grade bikes, we know how to build equipment to live up to your expectations. We know you'll put the miles on this bike, and that's how we built it. The gym-quality steel and stable base provide a safe, durable platform for your workout.
  • 7. Flywheel - The genius of the Spinner® bike is in the weighted flywheel that creates a smooth, continuous forward motion propelling you through your workout. The flywheel also allows for a wide range of low-impact, high-calorie burning workouts.
  • 8. Easy to Move - Wheels on a stationary bike? The soft rubber wheels on the Spinner® PACE bike give you the freedom to move it when and where you want. Easy to store, the small footprint of just 18.5" x 42" fits almost anywhere.
  • 9. DVDs - To help you experience the same energy and group dynamic that have made the Spinning® program so popular, you'll have a DVD workout set at your finger tips. Each workout was created and hosted by a Spinning® Master Instructor - a pro at teaching and motivating.

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It all starts here, with the improved Spinner® bike. This rugged and durable bike incorporates quality steel construction, a lifetime frame warranty, plus unparalleled features and performance. With nearly a million Spinning®-branded bikes sold, we know what it takes to build quality bikes that deliver a smooth ride, every ride. What makes this spinner bike so effective is the combination of its road bike design and flywheel. First, the design. Inspired by an actual road bike, the spinner bike's geometry allows for both seated and standing movements, a variety of hand positions, and low impact on your joints. While seated, you work your thighs, buns and hips for an unbelievable sculpting and toning lower body workout. And when you stand, you engage your abs, arms, chest and shoulders for a total body workout. Second, the Spinner® bike's flywheel creates variable resistance from the moment you start, propelling you forward with highly efficient momentum and delivering an intense cardio workout capable of burning up to an incredible 1,000 calories per hour! In addition, the specially designed handlebars easily adjust high and low, plus the comfortable dual-foam seat adjusts both up and down and forward and back. Best of all, your bike assembles in less than 10 minutes. In no time, you're ready to go for a ride, and when you're finished, just wheel it away for easy storage. And get this: now you can bring that same exhilarating workout experience you get from an actual Spinning® class right to the privacy of your own home with this incredible dvd library. And you're never on your own, because every Spinning® dvd workout you'll receive as part of the program is led by a Spinning® master instructor who's an expert in motivation, inspiration and getting results.